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MM12MIT1 - VINYL  + MP3 DOWNLOAD 4 tracks

12" Vinyl £20.00

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Limited edition, bespoke, collector's item comic book and limited edition, bespoke, collector's item 12" vinyl.

Despite a history that dates back to 1990, Billy Daniel Bunter and Liquid team up for their debut vinyl release together.. The 4-track Mitsu EP features four banging slabs of rave beats, from the rapid early 90s, Dalston-era breaks of Mitsu Bishi to the hard Euro driving bass of Novor.

If that's not enough to get your goldfish jumping, there's more - this limited release (500 copies only, no represses and no reprints!) comes with the FIRST EVER old skool rave comic also entitled Mitsu. These cartoon strips depict the real-life, drug-addled adventures of Daniel and Eamon's long and dramatic history together, accompanied by vivid illustrations to fuel and fire up your imaginations.

There will also be a free poster and free B2B mix CD from these two big hitters of the rave game as part of this unique and super-exclusive package. Get involved or get out!

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