The story of how a group of ravers single handedly changed the entire music business and broke new ground in the electronic music genre would be a fascinating read, but unfortunately, The Prodigy STILL haven't written a book. Instead, you will have to put up with this VIP remix of How To Squander Your Potential, an enhanced version of the rise and fall of the Smart E's - one of the most scorned rave groups of all time. They topped the charts with their hit record Sesame's Treet in 1992, and everything went downhill from there. This is the story of one member of the group's epic and idiotic journey as he worked his way from international chart topping superstar to multiple record label owner to obscurity in nineteen long tedious years.

Only now it's been 25 years, so the story has been updated. It is longer, and includes new, equally tedious material such as bonus chapters, a new introduction, and an exclusive 12 Vinyl featuring unreleased music from long lost DAT tapes.

This is a book about the rave scene, how it has changed, and how not to behave. This is a book about life, the music business and everything. This is a book.

£30 Deluxe Bundle (LIMITED TO 500 COPIES) - Hard Back Book / Limited Edition 12

£20 Hard Back Book

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