The Man Behind The Mask by Mark Archer with Andrew Woods

It gives us great pleasure in letting you know that the new book 'Mark Archer - The Man Behind The Mask' is now available.

The Man Behind The Mask tells the incredible story of Mark Archer, the driving force behind Altern 8 - one of the most successful British rave acts of all time - and techno legends Nexus 21. A jaw-dropping account of some incredible highs - smash hit singles and tours around the globe - with comedowns just as mind-blowing. This is a tale of one mans all-consuming passion for music... Features contributions from Moby, 808 State, LFO, Bizarre Inc, Utah Saints, Mark Goodier and many more...

'Altern 8 occupy a unique place in dance music history...' Moby

Super Deluxe Bundle - Book / Limited Edition 12 / Limited Edition Mix CD / Poster.

Deluxe Bundle - Book / Limited Edition 12.


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