The Rave Story 2018

Club Aquarium, 256-260 Old Street, London, EC1V 9DD

Saturday 24th February 10:00 - Saturday 24th February 04:00

The Rave Story 2018 / Aquarium / Old Street / Feb 21st-22nd-23rd

On the 21st | 22nd | 23rd February 2018, we return for the 3rd year with our annual event celebrating the inspiring underground culture of Old Skool & Jungle music. 

Pez & Junior Tomlin will be auctioning off their 1st ever canvas together made exclusively for The Rave Story 2018. The money raised will go to Centre Point.

* Art Gallery courtesy of Pez, Junior Tomlin, Kaos (Mindwarp) 
* Photography throughout the day courtesy of Sam Williams, Roger Nell & Luke Skyz Cullen
* Old Skool Record Store
* Flyer’s for sale courtesy of Phat Media 
* Seminars
* DJ & MC Workshops
* Label Questions & Answers afternoon
* Rave Authors corner with a number of authors from the various rave inspired books over the past 25 years.
* DJ Vibes Flyer exhibition
* Large number of original rave jackets on display courtesy of Tristram Bentley
* Licensed bar

FREE Entry to the Records store & Gallery from 11am to 6pm each day. 

Works shops 
12pm to 3pm each afternoon, learn everything you ever wanted to know about DJing, MCing and running a record label. 

7pm to 11pm each evening including licenced bar and rave themed menu and cocktails, featuring talks from some of the most influential characters of the Rave scene.

Wednesday Seminar (Original promoters and focus on lost venues).
Trevor Fung
Finbar (Pirate Club)
Paul (Ibiza)
Richard (Raindance)
Joe (Labrynth) 
Kevin Camp (Top Guard Security) 

Wednesday MC Workshop 
Evenson Allan (Rat Pack)

Thursday Seminar (Pirate radio. Tales from the tower blocks).
Eastman (Kool)
Smurph (Kool) 
Uncle Dugs (Rinse FM) 
Andy Swallow (Centreforce) 
DJ Vibes 
Mad Ash

Thursday DJ Workshop 
Lipmaster Mark (Rat Pack)
Mark Archer (Altern 8) 

Friday seminar (Artists, from then to now).
Krome & Time
MC Chalkie White (The original rave MC)
Nicky Blackmarket 
Ragga Twins 
Phantasy (From Energy to SASASAS)

Friday Label Work shop
2 Bad Mice (Moving Shadow)
Billy Daniel Bunter (Music Mondays) 


Billy Daniel Bunter
Uncle Dugs 
2 Bad Mice 
Nick Black market 
Fat Controller 
Ragga Twins 
Chalkie White